If you’ve been holding out for a new e-reader at a great price, Amazon Prime Day has delivered. The latest Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for $95 right now, which is the cheapest we’ve seen it since it launched last year. It’s arguably the best e-reader for most people, but you have options as all of Amazon’s other Kindles have been discounted, too. You can pick up the standard Kindle for only $45, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition for $130 or the Kindle Oasis for $175.

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Amazon updated the Kindle Paperwhite and introduced the Signature model last fall, and even though the e-reader doesn’t look too different from previous models, it has some important upgrades. The screen is slightly larger at 6.8-inches, and it has 17 front LEDs for better illumination. You can even adjust the warmth of the lights now, too, if you prefer to have cooler or warmer light at different times of the day. The design still has an IPX8 waterproof rating but it also now has a USB-C port for charging, which is a much-needed update. As for battery life, you can expect weeks of use before you’ll need to power up the e-reader again.

The new Signature Edition is a slightly more advanced Paperwhite. It has the same sized screen and 17 front lights, but you’ll get 32GB of storage instead of 8GB, along with wireless charging and auto-adjusting light capabilities. Out of those features, the extra storage and auto-adjusting lights are likely the most practical: those who have huge digital libraries could use the additional storage, and lights that automatically change depending on your environment almost make the e-reader more tablet-like. We gave the Signature Edition a score of 97, calling it the best e-reader, period.

The remaining two Kindles are on opposite ends of the price spectrum. The standard Kindle is the most basic and budget-friendly, and it features a 6-inch display, four front lights and a weeks-long battery life. The Kindle Oasis, on the other hand, has an ergonomic design, a 7-inch screen, 25 front LEDs, page-turn buttons, automatically rotating pages and more.

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