More than a year after it was first announced, Amazon has shared a trailer for Good Night Oppy. The upcoming documentary will recount the story of NASA’s Opportunity rover, or Oppy as it was lovingly known by its creators. The documentary was directed by Ryan White (Assassins), with Angela Bassett, best known for her roles in Black Panther and Contact, providing narration. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab helped with the project, sharing archival footage and knowledge of the rover’s mission.

Opportunity was one of two rovers NASA landed on the surface of Mars in 2004. What was initially supposed to be a 90-day mission turned into a 15-year adventure exploring the surface of the Red Planet. During that time, the rover helped reveal that Mars once had oceans made of water and even broke the record for the longest off-Earth drive. Along the way, it sent stunning images of Mars. Good Night Oppy will start a limited theatrical run on November 4th before it heads to Amazon Prime Video on November 23rd.