Apple’s recent flurry of software updates also includes a big upgrade for the living room. The newly released tvOS 16.2 adds a Recognize My Voice feature that customizes Siri searches on the Apple TV 4K and TV HD for up to six family members. Once you’ve trained the set-top to know who’s speaking, you can ask for video recommendations and music without worrying that you’ll mess with someone’s play history. You can also ask to “switch to my profile” instead of navigating the on-screen switcher.

You can also change the Siri language to be different than the one your device shows. Accordingly, the Apple TV also has expanded language support in Denmark, Luxembourg and Singapore.

This is also the update you want if you’re eager to host a karaoke party. As on other platforms, you can now use Apple Music Sing to croon over “tens of millions” of songs. You’ll need the new third-generation Apple TV 4K, but you won’t have to buy a dedicated machine or look for specific karaoke-friendly albums.

Personalized voice recognition certainly isn’t a novel concept. Rival assistants have had comparable functionality for years, and Recognize My Voice has been available on HomePod speakers since 2019. Still, this is a notable upgrade if you share an Apple TV box and would rather not switch profiles just to use Siri the way you’d expect.