Apple’s Beats brand is borrowing a page from the apparel industry: it’s resurrecting a product to appeal to gotta-have-it collectors. Beats has partnered with the street fashion label Stüssy on a limited edition revival of the recently discontinued Pill+ speaker known simply as Stüssy and Beats By Dr.Dre. The Bluetooth device is exactly the same as the one your friend had circa 2015, just with bone artwork on the grille and Stüssy’s signature logo on the back — though that may be enough if you’re looking for a technological conversation starter.

The Pill+ was Beats’ first speaker under Apple, and it clearly predated the conveniences you’d come to expect from AirPods or later Beats products. Its most cutting edge features were a DJ mode for parties and a stereo pairing with another Pill+ unit. The speaker was discontinued in January this year. You’re buying this for the exclusivity and Beats’ signature boomy sound, not for clever tricks or raw fidelity.

The Stüssy and Beats By Dr.Dre speaker will be available to order through Stüssy’s website for $185 starting March 4th at 1PM Eastern, and should arrive in April. That’s less than the original $230. You’ll want to act quickly, though. The companies haven’t said how many special-run speakers will be available, and this is the last time you’ll get to buy any Pill+ brand new (outside of the occasional stray in a store, at least). Think of this as a last gasp rather than a change of heart.