This week, Devindra and Deputy Editor Nathan Ingraham dive into the latest news around Clearview AI, the controversial facial recognition company that’s now seeing pushback from governments and regulators around the world. Will a few fines put a stop to the company’s facial recognition search platform? Also, they discuss how Clearview’s troubles relate to countries being more restrictive about data in general. Finally, they pour one out for Seth Green’s lost Bored Ape – RIP NFT!

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  • Facial Recognition company Clearview AI is on the ropes after several big settlements – 1:22

  • The era of borderless data may be ending – 15:04

  • Privacy focused search company DuckDuckGo quietly allowed Microsoft browsing trackers – 23:08

  • New details about AMD’s Ryzen 7000 chips – 28:34

  • Oh no, somebody stole Seth Green’s Bored Ape – 33:16

  • Working on –36:29

  • Pop culture picks – 41:36


Hosts: Devindra Hardawar and Nathan Ingraham
Producer: Ben Ellman
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