Fitness trackers and smartwatches can help keep you honest as you try to get more active and healthier in the new year. If you or someone you live is looking for a new one, Fitbit’s latest sale has discounted a bunch of its latest wearables. Key among them is the Charge 5 fitness tracker, which is $60 off and down to a new record low of $120. The Versa 2 and Sense smartwatches are also on sale for $130 and $200, respectively.

Buy Fitbit Charge 5 at Amazon – $120Buy Fitbit Versa 2 at Amazon – $130Buy Fitbit Sense at Amazon – $200

Maybe you’re not totally on the smartwatch bandwagon but want a wearable to track things like heart rate, steps, workouts and more. Fitbit’s Charge 5 might do the trick since it’s a band-style tracker and not a full-fledged smartwatch. It has a fairly low-profile design and a full-color touchscreen that supports always-on mode. Arguably more importantly, it has a bunch of sensors inside to track all-day heart rate, movement and stress.

It also has a built-in GPS, which means it’ll map your outdoor runs and bike rides without the help of your smartphone. And with Fitbit Pay support, you could leave your phone at home while you go for a run and pay for a coffee on your way home without having your wallet on hand.

There are a few downsides, though, like the lack of music controls and the fact that Fitbit devices still don’t integrate with Apple Health or Google Fit. However, the Charge 5 still packs a lot of value and does so even at its normal $180 price.

If you’re ready to embrace the smartwatch life, or want to replace an aging wearable, Fitbit’s Versa 2 or the Sense would make good options. We’d recommend the Sense over the Versa 2 purely because the latter is about a year older than the former. Also, the Sense is the most powerful smartwatch that Fitbit makes, so you’ll get things like a built-in heart rate monitor and GPS, stress tracking with the EDA Scan app, an ECG monitoring app, onboard music storage, Fitbit Pay, Alexa and Google Assistant voice command support and more.

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