With the 2021 holiday shopping season in its final stretch, Google is adding a handful of features to Chrome to help you find last-minute deals. In the US, the Android version of the browser now includes an updated tab interface that makes it easier to see the price of something when you’re switching between open web pages. The company suggests the feature will help you spot a price drop without constantly refreshing a page. Handy that.

The next time you use Chrome on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll also notice a newly added Google Lens icon in the search bar. You can use it to conduct visual searches. Tap the icon and point your phone’s camera at something. The company suggests Lens integration in Chrome mobile could be helpful when you’re out window shopping.

As previously announced, Lens is also coming to the Mac and Windows versions of Chrome. Once it’s available, you’ll have the option to right-click on an image, tap “Search images with Google Lens” and draw an outline around something to see if you can find more information about what’s in front of you. 

Lastly, if you’re someone who tends to leave purchases incomplete, you’ll see a new “Your carts” card when you open a tab. It will show you all the websites where you have open carts. The company announced this feature at I/O 2021, and now it’s rolling out in the US. Google notes some of its retail partners may even offer you a discount to complete a purchase if they notice you abandoned a cart. Is it on the pushy side? Definitely, but some people could also find it helpful. All the