For the first time, the UK’s annual Proms classical music festival will feature a concert dedicated to video game compositions. On August 1st, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, led by conductor Robert Ames, will perform a selection of music from Battlefield 2042, Dear Esther, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus and other influential titles.

“Fantastic worlds, epic adventures, complex characters and huge moral choices – the universe of computer gaming is a natural match for orchestral music, and in the 21st-century games have created a huge and passionate global audience for some of the most vivid, ambitious and inventive music currently being written for symphony orchestra,” the BBC writes of the upcoming concert.

“From 8-Bit to Infinity” will take place at the historic Royal Albert Hall. If you imagine you’ll find yourself in London this summer, tickets start at £14. And if not, the BBC plans to broadcast the concert on August 5th. The full program will be announced at a later date.