Not to be outdone by Spotify (and nearly every other streaming platform, for that matter), Disney’s Hulu has released an end-of-year recap. Dubbed “Your TV DNA,” you can use the tool to find out how many films and TV episodes you watched in 2021, as well as what your favorite genres were over the last 12 months. As part of the experience, Hulu will also generate recommendations for current and upcoming content that is similar to the stuff you watched recently.

It’s no surprise to see the company offer a year-end recap. If social media is any indication, Spotify has had tremendous success with Wrapped. Each year, it seems like Spotify users flock to Twitter and Facebook to share their yearly chronicles. At the same time, you frequently see those who use Apple Music and other platforms lament that their music streaming service of choice doesn’t offer something similar. Hulu clearly wants to replicate some of Spotify’s success with the Your TV DNA experience allowing people to share their “streaming personas” on social media.