It took a few months, but Netflix is now offering its first high-profile mobile game. The streaming service has broadly released Riot Games’ League of Legends spinoff Hextech Mayhem for Android and iOS. This isn’t a MOBA like League, as you might have gathered — instead, it’s a “rhythm runner” that has you playing LoL champion Ziggs as you light bomb fuses, disarm enemies and dodge obstacles in sync with the beat.

Netflix has also released Dungeon Dwarves, its first “idle” game. Hyper Hippo’s title (available on Android as we write this) lets you explore monster-laden dens even when you’re not playing, and upgrade abilities when you are.

Riot’s decision to launch Hextech through Netflix isn’t surprising. The two unveiled the game just as Arcane began streaming — even if it’s not really connected to the animated series, it serves as a plug for both companies. Riot also hasn’t been shy about gaming crossovers, having dropped League of Legends characters into games like Fortnite. It’s just a question of whether or not a game like Hextech will be popular enough to grow Netflix’s fledgling game business and encourage other big-name projects.