How to deal with rocket boosters and other giant space garbage

Ramin Skibba, Wired

Since a second-stage booster from one of SpaceX’s Falcon 9s could crash into the moon, now is a good time to examine how we can deal with all the huge pieces of “free-flying space junk.” 

How Facebook is morphing into Meta

Sheera Frenkel, Mike Isaac and Ryan Mac; The New York Times

Facebook’s transition includes urging current employees to apply for new jobs focused on augmented and virtual reality hardware and software. But is the company pivoting without addressing its current problems like extremism and misinformation?

Meet the NSA spies shaping the future

Patrick Howell O’Neill, MIT Technology Review

An interview with Gil Herrera, head of the NSA’s Research Directorate. Herrera discusses the future of security and spying, including cybersecurity and quantum computing.