If you’ve been intrigued by Samsung’s foldable phones, now’s the time to grab the Galaxy Z Flip 4 for less. The 256GB model is 15 percent off and down to a record low of $900 at Amazon. While that’s still a lot of money, you’re essentially getting the 256GB model for the price of the base, 128GB version, making it a pretty good deal for those who know they need the extra storage space.

Buy Galaxy Z Flip 4 at Amazon – $900

Samsung didn’t radically redesign the Z Flip 4, but it made some subtle refinements and added new software features that make this version more practical than its predecessor. The thin-and-tall smartphone has a smaller, yet sturdier, hinge, shinier edges and a more durable exterior that resists scratches well. Considering the Flip is quite small when folded up, making it easy to toss into a bag or back pocket, that extra durability should keep the device looking better for longer.

The crease in its 6.7-inch main display remains noticeable, but it’s not as bad as it was on the previous model. Samsung didn’t change the 1.9-inch cover display too much, but it made it much more useful by allowing you to do things like send quick replies with just a few taps, set alarms, control music apps like Spotify and more. Flex Mode also makes using the device semi-folded much easier. It’ll open with compatible apps and do things like turn the lower half of the screen into a touchpad, allowing you to swipe through photos while showing you those photos on the top half of the screen.

Add those improvements on top of solid overall performance and an improved battery life, and you have a foldable that’s quite practical and fun to use. Our biggest gripes with the Z Flip 4 were with its low-light photos, which could have been better, and our persistent questions about how the device will hold up after months or years of use. But if you’re excited to dive into the world of foldable photos and want a device that likely won’t feel too different from a standard smartphone, the Z Flip 4 is a good option.

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