Even vintage gaming platforms aren’t immune to Wordle‘s cultural dominance, it seems. Kotakunotes security researcher Stacksmashing has ported the hit word game to the Game Boy. The 1989-era handheld’s ROM size prevented him from including the full word list, but he used a (somewhat inaccurate) filter to help the console determine if you’re using one of the 8,000 most common English words.

The port is free and available to download, although you’ll need to load it on a Game Boy-friendly cartridge if you intend to play on a console. And not everyone has one of Nintendo’s earlier handhelds sitting around. You may want to play Wordle on a modern machine like the Analogue Pocket, particularly if you aren’t keen on the first Game Boy’s lack of built-in display lighting.

This isn’t the first retro Wordle port, and it might not be the last. Huxley Dunsany recently ported the title to a Palm PDA, for instance. In that regard, this could be the new Doom — that is, the game adapted to run on seemingly every platform imaginable. Don’t be surprised if Wordle is seemingly ubiquitous before long, even if you’re unlikely to play it on ancient devices.