Want to show your fondness for the James Webb Space Telescope in physical form? The US Postal Service might have what you’re looking for. The mail agency is launching a JWST stamp that will be available to pre-order starting August 28th in sheets of 20. It’s ultimately a digital depiction of the telescope against a galactic backdrop, but that may be all you need to flaunt your space fandom when you send a letter or parcel

The USPS didn’t detail pricing. As a Forever stamp, however, the JWST print will always be worth the First-Class Mail one-ounce price. You won’t have to worry about using extra stamps years down the road, then. Forever 20-stamp sheets typically cost $12.

Yes, there’s a certain irony to celebrating bleeding-edge astronomy using mail stickers invented in the 19th century. You might want to buy a t-shirt or similar merch if you’re interested in visibility. Look at it this way, though: stamps are relatively inexpensive, and they might do the trick if you’re either a collector or just want to add a personal touch to your mail.